Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Let it first be known that the delayed nature of this post is due to the lack of sleep in the day preceding the day of tests and sadness, and is in no way related to the intrinsic laziness of the writer or writers herein.

Let it also be known that the opinions and viewpoints expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions and/or viewpoints of James Hazelton and/or James Hazelton inc.

Let it penultimately be known that James Hazelton and the affiliates of James Hazelton inc. will hereby be referred to using the title of Ace Captain Commander (#1) and any other address of said person(s) will be construed as deliberate slander and the offender will be pursued with the full force of the law.

Let it ultimately be known that James Hazelton, as sole proprietor of James Hazelton inc. has the full legal authority to edit and/or censor his own writings and will do so in the future and, if he so wishes, in the past.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, the tests went ok. Although, after the famous "end of the semester all you can eat late night breakfast" I was too conkered out and full of delicious breakfast food items to stay awake for more than fifteen minutes. Upon regaining consciousness eleven or twelve hours later, I tried to enroll, but my advisor wasn't in his office.

Long story shortened...a very exciting day.

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