Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Post

Ok, I've waited long enough and nothing important has happened.
Time to make up a new post.
New year's resolutions, those are pretty popular!
I guess.
No, really, everybody's doing it.
Fine, fine, but I'm going to change it up.
Sure, inner monologue, do what you want.
Wait, I thought that was you...

JAmes HAzelton's List of Things I Resolve NOT to Do.

1. Get arrested
2. Be known on the channel four news as "Unknown Assailant"
3. Assail anyone.
4. Fail to destroy the "standard" system of measurements...Long live M.K.S.!!
5. End the year without some sort of facial hair configuration.
6. Unilaterally demilitarize the world and move the new cache of mass destroying weapons into my closet for safe keeping.
7. Stop the propagation of said weapons in order to alleviate the sudden and unprecedented rise of unexplained explosions on campus.
8. To not discontinue the cessation of not using multiple negatives in my speech.

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