Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not much doing. here's a nice video to watch.

I love the winter, but I'm beginning to hate the snow. It's keeping me inside.

In the meantime, enjoy this sunny video of a NYC Bike Messenger race, I'll expect you to be taking notes.

It's a funny thing, though, riding in traffic. I've been thinking a lot about it recently, mainly about how agile bikes can be in these kinds of situations. Sure, in a flat stretch, the cars will win hands down, but it's when things really start to get gritty that rolling on two wheels and a few pounds of aluminum can really give you the edge. If, for instance, I need to hop onto the sidewalk to bypass an obstacle--I will--if I need to slip past several cars on a busy road--you bet I will--and the best part is that I can do all of these things with the grace and finesse that only a bike will allow.


betty2004ok said...

I like the music -it really fits the action. Entertaining-do you know who does the music??

theBeatnik said...

it sounds a lot like prodigy. Although since you mentioned that, you should scroll to the bottom of this bike snob NYC post and do the BSNYC/RTMS Fixed-Gear Video Test