Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just a few things.

I've been super busy this week...but in the meantime:

here are a couple of links detailing how much McCain and Palin hate rape victims.

Article One - McCain
Article Two - Palin

Despicable People, both of them.

Well wait, I guess I understand...those damn rape victims! When will they learn?!

UPDATE: I read on the dailykos blog a very plausible explanation for this type of despicable behavior. The article postulates that the reason that these two (Palin, in particular) are against government funding for the rape kits is because contained within each kit, is...a "morning after" emergency contraceptive. There it is. And because of their adherance to a bronze age understanding of biology, in which stopping a small bundle of cells (half of which are from a rapist, mind you) from growing is tantamount to murder. And god says that's bad. Again, I'd like to state clearly that there is not solid evidence to support this, but it's certainly the best explanation I've heard.

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